Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You Know You're Getting Older When....

I (Louise) and Alex made the trek from our separate coastlines to our birthplace (Cincinnati, OH) to visit our mom and escort her to our niece Victoria's graduation party the weekend of May 3oth to June 2nd. For some unknown reason, the hotel rates for this weekend had skyrocketed. It turned out the best rate we could get was with my AARP card. Sigh!

Unfortunately Mom was not well enough to attend the festivities, or leave the nursing home. She sent her best wishes via digital movie. Alex and I indulged in some excellent barbecue (courtesy of brother Jeremy and family) at a beautiful setting in Winton Woods, a large park area in Cincinnati.

Victoria was happy to receive many gifts to help her in her first year of college, including a beautiful silver belt buckle for horse shows from her Grandma.
The highlight for Louise and Alex was hearing numerous youngsters calling little brother Jeremy "Grandpa!"

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