Thursday, June 5, 2008

Market Day in Cluny

Most towns, and cities, in France have open air markets, usually once or twice a week but more often in larger towns or cities. Cluny, a nearby cathedral town in Burgundy, has a market on Saturday. The entire household at Maison Simsion traveled in Michael's car to Cluny, vastly entertained by some neighborhood cows in, shall we say, compromising positions along the way. We employed le Tom Tom to guide us, to Dad Dad and Jim Jim's chagrin.

Cluny is a beautiful town, well-deserving of more attention and exploration than we had time for. The market was full of wondrous things (especially olives and garlic!) although Michael (a vegetarian) was emotionally scarred from his encounter at one of the butcher stands. Louise (in her halting school girl french) attempted to ask for some pickled garlic at one of the olive stands. She ended up asking for a kilo of pickled garlic and the vendeuse was highly amused. The rest of the party laughed at Louise for the rest of the week. Mean, cruel.

We went into a cave (wine store) near the Cathedral in Cluny, where most of the group selected wine and Louise purchased a pear-containing bottle of Poire William (a great hit for the after-dinner crowd) and some delicious mustard.

After stocking up on various delicacies (but not freshly butchered rabbit) we headed back to Tramayes, and Louise, Dad, Barbara, Michael and Le Tom Tom headed to Lyon to pick up a second car. Upon their return, Jim and Louise were "on" for dinner, preparing two quiches for the group's delectation. Barbara pulled out a secret stash of delicious pastries purchased in Cluny. With wonderful cheese, olives and wine, a good meal was had by all.

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