Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just because you are dying is no reason to stop living

a thought while attending to my fragile, ill parents. every second of every minute of every day is precious.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What's worse than a trip to the dentist? A trip to the VETERINARY dentist!

Thursday Bonnie went to the vet for her Lyme disease vaccination, all 100 lbs of her quivering and quaking, another measure of support to our kindly Dr. Murphy. Of course, she's already been to the doggy dentist so her fears were well-founded.

That was the EASY trip. Saturday, we scheduled our three geriatric cats, missing assorted limbs, teeth (but not claws!) etc. for their checkups and various vaccines. We planned carefully, closing doors and trapping the felines. Or so we thought.

Despite SEEING Cow in the kitchen as we tag-teamed Bird and Gimpy into their crates, he somehow vanished in a room with closed doors. We spent a half-hour looking in 120 square feet with no luck - how did a cat with three legs completely vanish? Off we went to Dr. Murphy, with a feline duet of wails from the other two serenading us all the while. Copious "fear shedding" was enjoyed (not) by all, and poor Bird, at age 15, is suffering from gingivitis and broken teeth. So, Cow (we hope) will be vaccinated today, while Bird goes to the dentist Thursday. He does NOT approve.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some like it... fizzy. Or, it IS easy being green!

While in Portland, I was captivated by Miguel and Aurelia's Soda Club machine. This is a gadget that takes regular old tap or spring water and more or less instantly carbonates it to the carbonation level of your choice. You can save bundles if, like me, you are partial to fizzy water, or water "avec gas" en francais. As long as you have water, you never run out! Plus you aren't generating lots of plastic bottle waste! I had to have one. I must say, it is very cool. If you are intrigued - http://www.sodaclubusa.com/! I plan to experiment with rose water, lavender, and other herbal sodas myself.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Belly Bombers Bursting in Air

While in Wellfleet, when not surfing, basking in the sun with friends, obsessing over puzzles and playing Scrabble, we enjoyed the fruits of the sea, and the garden. One night we had fresh carrots and peas, a roasted beet and goat cheese salad, and fresh local cod.

For Jaime's birthday, a small group went out to the "Wicked Oyster", a nice restaurant in Wellfleet. Birthday cake was enjoyed by all, and then the younger set went out to the fireworks (Louise stayed home with the dogs, who barked everytime a firework went off!)

For a post-birthday celebration, a large group went fishing in Wellfleet Bay. We were less than successful, snaring only crabs (Louise and Lindsey) and a tiny black bass (Dave) that was returned to the wild.
We caught some organic salmon and tuna at the seafood shack on the wharf to console ourselves. Collie made some seared tuna with avocado and wasabi, Jaime and Dave made planked salmon, and Luke made grilled steak. Two types of salad accompanied.

The time went too quickly and soon the boat pointed homeward and we were off to Boston, Plymouth, New York and Amherst to resume our day jobs.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beach Bonnie and Bonny Beaches: Wellfleet Wanderings

On June 28th, we packed the minivan full of two weeks worth of groceries, bedding and beach towels, plus 4 humans and 2 dogs, and trekked down to Wellfleet, MA, to celebrate Cici and Jaime's birthdays. Wellfleet is below Truro and Provincetown on the "lower Cape", which is really the northerly end of the Cape, but never mind. It's a beautiful location, somewhat removed from the "tacky" side of Cape Cod vacations. Beaches are on both the bay side and Atlantic side, and both sides are stunning.

Bay side

Atlantic side

Bonnie took full advantage of the surf, and surfed the couch as well (she highly approved of the cushions!)

Stay tuned for more Wellfleet Wanderings!