Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let's all Go Go to the L'Escargotierre

It's my belief that when in France, one must take full advantage of the culinary landscape. In Burgundy, this means wine, Poire William, snails, wine, Boeuf, wine, mustard, wine, bread, wine, etc. I have a particular affinity for l'escargots (snails), ever since a memorable meal in Montreal in the early seventies which convinced me that I really, really wanted to attend McGill University (I went to my admissions interview exuding garlic from every pore!)

While perusing one of Michael's guide books on Burgundy, I was thrilled to discover that one of the recommended places to visit was a l'escargotierre, or snail farm. The only problem was noone else in the group wanted to go, OR even eat l'escargots. Okay, we'll give Michael a pass since he is a vegetarian. And Dad joined me once in my garlic-laden hedonism. Alex was heard to refer to l'escargots as a garlic butter delivery system which might as well have been sponge rubber. And on a recent trip to Ohio she referred to a slow driver as an "escargot", which was a serious insult to the lovely little mollusks.

Suffice it to say that I had no scruples about indulging in l'escargots not once but twice during the trip, along with all the other features of the Burgundian culinary landscape! And I STILL want to go go to L'Escargotierre.

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