Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rolling on the River: Chalon sur Saone, Part Deux

One of our destinations in Chalon sur Saone was a museum devoted to the "father of photography", Niepce. Virtually everything shuts down in France for a couple of hours at midday so that people can enjoy their lunches, so after a successful visit to the market we had a leisurely lunch at an outdoor cafe. We still had some time before the museum re-opened for the afternoon, so we took a walk along the Saone River.

The river is an integral part of the city, with canal cruises on the waterway and interesting bridges, both ancient and modern. This was the first time I saw another bridge like the Zakim Bridge in Boston.

Michael, photographer extraordinaire, caught some excellent shots of swans taking to the air - or trying to (you'll have to be content with my mediocre shot above.) Louise (of totem pole finding fame) discovered a bizarre and extremely phallic carved totem pole along the river.

The museum (when it opened) was really amazing. Again, we were not allowed to take pictures inside, and truthfully, pictures would not have done the interactive features of the museum justice. There was an incredible multi-dimensional viewing room that had to be experienced to be believed. It was an unexpected treat.

This was a courtyard inside the Musee.

More scenes along the river!

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