Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tramayes Part Deux, or How Now Brown Cow

Although our time in Burgundy was packed with activity, there were quiet times around the edges that could be spent walking in Tramayes. If nothing else, a brisk walk in the early morning mist, market basket in hand, yielded scrumptious, fresh baked croissants, the fabled and greatly desired local honey, and pain au chocolat for all at the village bakery.

On the road from the village center to Maison Simsion, many cows were encountered. Interestingly, there were no fences, simply thick hedges of holly and other prickly vegetation which served to keep the livestock in, or out, or apart from each other. After a while, it got a little spooky. Some of the cows seemed downright alien!

Click on the second cow picture to see what I mean.

Further afield, we found La Combe au Ciel (and some friendly fowl leisurely quacking along) near a walled graveyard high in the hills, beautiful mossy trees, a watering structure and a mysterious hobbit hole door along the roadside.

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