Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Just In - Yankees Suck!


Mason has been thriving, getting cuter by the day, enjoying lots of time with mom Cici before she goes back to work and dad Jared, resident baby sleep expert. He is already exhibiting quite a lot of personality and has a very expressive face, delighting his extended family and providing plenty of blog fodder.

A New Year, a New Beginning

December 31st, 2009, marked Jim's last day as an employee at Abt Associates Inc. After 32 years of loyal service to the same company, his life will never be the same. We're hoping for lots of new opportunities in the coming year, including an expanded ability to visit friends and family in far off places! On the slate is a trip to Portland, OR in the next couple of months, and a trip to Provence, France in May.

Jim says he won't miss the sharp pain in the back his company phone in its "holster" used to give him. He's joining the iGeneration with a brand spanking new iPhone! Now, he won't need to rely on le TomTom to try and kill (oops I mean guide) him - he can use the built in GPS!

Some Grow It Hot!

One of our most anticipated holiday gifts these past few years has been wonderful, home-grown hot peppers from our friends' garden in Walnut Creek, CA. It's true that I personally also lust after their caper bush and meyer lemon tree output, not to mention the other wonderful produce! But the chiles, all kinds, are the best!

The peppers go a long way toward warming us up during the Big Chill.