Thursday, June 12, 2008

Star Gazing

Exciting (and satisfying) events on our trips to la Belle France are weekly trips to an excellent restaurant. In St. Max, it was a local restaurant, le Chateau.

While in Burgundy, we travelled down into Beaujolais country to Le Cep in Fleurie, which has a Michelin star, for a very special luncheon. Dad (Richard) and Barbara had visited this same restaurant years ago and had a signed menu from the proprietress.

We were welcomed to a beautiful table setting in the heart of wine-growing country. The proprietress enthusiastically described all the menu items on her beautifully handwritten menu (after Louise grossly mistranslated homemade sausage as brains! although in my defense I DID translate the eel correctly) and regaled us with the history of her restaurant. Jim was horrified at the thought of brains and eels!

The soup course was a lovely spring asparagus cream soup.

For an appetizer, both Dad and Louise indulged in our friends, l'escargots, while other less adventurous sorts had lovely fresh salads. Then came the main courses, in all their glory. Dad courageously chose the eel, while Alex had the brains (oops I mean sausage.) Most entertaining however was Barbara's choice, frogs' legs! When the very proper young man waiting on us served the entree, Dad was heard to utter a loud "ribbit". After serving, the young man fled and was seen howling with laughter in the kitchen. Some things are NOT lost in translation!!!

A warm and wonderful, leisurely meal was had by all, completed with delectable desserts, cheese plates, and expresso (with the proper amount of crema, to Dad's delight.)

Michael, Jim and Louise took the "long way" back to Tramayes. The road curved through a stunning visual array of grapevines stretched over hills as far as the eye could see. Louise was finally chided for hanging out the window in awe snapping pictures - it was too distracting for the driver!

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