Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Meandering in Mercury

A side trip that we made (twice) north of Tramayes was to the town of Mercury, location of many famous wineries. We highly recommend the Mercury Burgundies, both red and white. It was here that we indulged in some wine-tasting (pity poor Alex the designated driver) and purchased that most wonderful of French inventions, a Qubit (pronounced qb).

For those of you who don't know what a Qubit is, the French countryside is filled with Coops (vineyard cooperatives.) Wines from many small vineyards are combined by variety and sold from huge vats at a great discount, in recyclable containers called Qubits. The wine is better than most affordable wines in the United States, and incredibly inexpensive. And, there's something very entertaining about seeing vast quantities of excellent wine going into something that looks like a gas can! Even more entertaining is enjoying said wine.

When we stayed in Provence our local coop was Les Collines du Bourdic in St. Max. For our time in Burgundy, we went to A Ma Cave in Mercury.

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