Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Blues

Even though it is punishingly hot, and we're thoroughly miserable house-hunting, we took Bonnie on a walk to a favorite haunt this weekend, the butterfly meadow at Fresh Pond. While there, we admired the amazing crop of Queen Anne's Lace (indelibly marked on my memory because I once gave my mother a bouquet and gave her an asthma attack! but still pretty, and well intentioned on my part), Echinacea and the promise of high bush blueberries!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

June is for Birthdays and Roses

In early June, we celebrated Ciel's "29th" birthday again. Mason says "you're eating what??"

We also stopped to smell the roses, and admire the dogwood and other seasonal flowers. The roses aren't as stunning as those in Portland, Oregon, but still pretty!

Some of us stopped to roll in the grass (we won't name any names!) again. At 9+ years (63+ in dog years) Bonnie can still get pretty frisky.

Hosta La Vista, Baby!

The spring flowers have long given way to the showy flowers of summer here. It's been in triple digits all week!

Sunday, we celebrated Jaime's quarter century mark and her new job at Columbia Business School with a great brunch at Aquitaine. Grandpa Bill prepares to juggle Mason, and Mason prepares to get into an English Muffin at Aquitaine.
At a barbecue hosted by big sister Ciel & family, Mason took a relaxing nap on Auntie Jaime! Some of Jaime's high school friends joined in the festivities.