Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Cooking: Maison Simsion

The fabulously flexible Haddens, already well known for their flexibility and directional sense, also enjoy cooking in. Dad (Richard) is particularly famous for his gastronomical masterpieces, several of which we've attempted in our periodic voyages together or during visits to Cincinnati. His recipe books (copies given to all of us Hadden children over the years and a copy brought to Burgundy) are well-thumbed and stained by various culinary adventures, as a good recipe book should be. Well supplied with tasty vegetables and cheeses from the Burgundian markets and local grocery stores, we undertook to create dinners with the distinctive Hadden flair. Sharing the production and consumption of good meals is "family" in the richest sense. It is something I hope we never lose sight of in "Fast Food Nation."

Dad and Alex with Dad's famous Tarte Tatin - in St. Max

Several special items come to mind: Using Dad's stellar "stock" (vegetable in honor of Michael but chicken was available as well) we made Dad's famous Mushroom Risotto recipe one night. It was a cherished learning experience for me. There are some cook's secrets that simply cannot be transmitted in a recipe, such as how to tell when the risotto is ready for more liquid. My Celery Root Anna was also a big hit (although I must credit for the recipe!) More important than the food, though, was the sense of community. Here's to the dinner table!

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