Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lifescan - Images of the past

It is amazing to me how our lives have changed in the past 50 odd years. Our children, and now our children's children, are growing up in such drastically different technological environments. I've been going through boxes and albums of old drawings and photographs, and scanning items for posterity. What posterity, I wonder? Will anyone value them when digital records are so easy now? Does anyone else care where we came from?

I watched "Seabiscuit" last night, which was a very poignant movie. Part of what made it so compelling was a glimpse, through old photographs and film clips as well as the dramatization, at a bygone era. If I scan enough of my past, perhaps I can evoke that same sense of nostalgia. . . . Here are some selected multi-generational photographs.

Generation 1 (or maybe 0!) - Juliet Rankin Greeno Hadden with her Great-Grandmother

Generation 2 - John Rankin Greeno and Louise Squibb Greeno

Generation 3 - Juliet Rankin Greeno Hadden, Philip and Warrene McIntosh, and Richard Ray Hadden

Generation 4 - Louise Squibb Hadden, Jeremy Chapman Hadden, Philip and Jim McIntosh, Alexandra Greeno Hadden, and Louise Squibb Hadden
Generation 5 - Juliet Ciel Wendel, Britton Tyler Collins Wendel, and Jaime Dorian Wendel
Generation 6 - Sylvia Joy Hidalgo

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Ed said...

I have a photo of Juliet Johnson Rankin when she was 16 years old, among quite a few others, if you are interested in seeing it--send me an email at

We have quite a few Rankin-Greeno photos in the College Hill Historical Society archives.