Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Totem Spirits

There's been some discussion among family and friends about Louise's strange predeliction for totem poles. This all came about as a result of Louise ordering a Triptik from AAA for a trip to the island of Maui for Alex and Michael's reaffirmation ceremony in 2006 (25 years of marriage!!!!) The Triptik CLAIMED that a "must-see" on the island was a Totem Pole, donated by a Canadian explorer, Captain Vancouver. Despite many detours and much exploration of the beautiful beaches (and volcanoes!) of Maui this fabled totem pole eluded us and turned Louise into a laughing stock (after all, who would look for a totem pole on MAUI?) Noone really believed that such a thing existed, although Jim loyally (and prudently) did not say so, at least in front of Louise.
One day while others relaxed hither and yon or indulged in more typical island pursuits such as attending a luau Louise dragged Jim out once again, determined to find the elusive totem pole. We'd all but given up (even Louise, who was VERY determined) when we finally found it. Actually it was them - there were two replicas plus the base of the original. We'd driven by it many times, but due to the lack of signage and the fact that it was fairly tiny it remained undiscovered. Pictures were taken as proof and much gloating was enjoyed!

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