Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Louise and Alex love Harry Potter

Much to the dismay of both spouses, Louise and Alex have a tiny obsession with Harry Potter. Okay, maybe not so tiny. But we can stop anytime.... Jim and Michael put up with re-watching of the five Harry Potter movies whenever they appear on television - because it MIGHT be the version where they include outtakes... lots of space taken up in the bookcases by American paperback versions, British paperback versions, hardback versions, "special" hardback versions... lots of space taken up in luggage toting one or more HP books while traveling to and fro...

Last summer we (Louise and Alex) attended HP5 in Burlington, MA, while Alex was here for a visit to see her college roommate Diane in Portsmouth, NH. Along with the beloved TomTom, Louise provided Alex with suitable accessories for the BIG event - the release of the final volume of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Louise also had appropriate adornment for the release parties. Alex stood in line in New York City (having reserved her copy at a bookstore near her hotel) while Louise (taking pity on Jim after dragging him to the Potterfest in Harvard Square earlier in the day) waited (in costume) at the local Borders in Cambridge. As the minutes ticked away toward midnight, our excitement grew and we texted each other as to our progress in the line. At last we clutched our respective copies.

I almost couldn't bear to read the book because it was the end of an era - but then I couldn't bear NOT to read the book. Late through the night and into the morning, I could be heard gasping and moaning as the story unfolded. A year later, I'm still not sure how I feel about how the series ended. However, that doesn't stop me (or Alex) from greatly desiring the British paperback version of Deathly Hallows due out this July. Alas, although I did SERIOUSLY consider it, the $1K or more price tag for flights to Great Britain to pick up the book has dissuaded me! I'll have to hope for world (business) traveler Alex to take pity on me.

And then there is the Harry Potter theme park opening up in Florida.... Hmm.

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