Friday, June 6, 2008

Some Like it Hot: Beaune Part 1

Well, Jim fell in love with the sweet honey on pieces of fresh, crunchy baguette, it is true. However, our culinary explorations did not stop with the sweetness and light! One of our most interesting visits was to the "Moutarderie" in Beaune, another beautiful Burgundian town. There will be more on the delights of Beaune later in the blog.

The "Moutarderie" is a museum devoted to - mustard! It was a very hands-on tour and surprisingly interesting - you can see Jim and Michael hard at work making mustard below. The tour guide was amazing - gave spiels in three different languages fluently. At the end of the tour, we were given tastes of various different types of mustard, which were all wonderful, hot and flavorful. One of the biggest hits was the cassis mustard - a beautiful color and wonderful taste (see the plate below - the almost magenta mustard.) While we brought some home, we were delighted to find the Fallot moutardes in our neighborhood Savenors (inspiring great jealousy in Michael who is still searching for a stateside source....)

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