Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Narragansett Natterings

Our summer rental this year is in Rhode Island, on the Narragansett River. Although the housing is humble, it boasts plenty of decks and proximity to the river, beaches and ferries.

Cici, Jared and Molly opened the house on Saturday, while Jaime, Jim, Bonnie and I came down Sunday. Molly and Bonnie took long swims in the river when we arrived, looking very much like large otters (in Bonnie's case, a VERY large otter!) Shortly thereafter, Cici, Jared and Jaime took off for the beach and to bring back necessary items afterwards (Narragansett ales and fresh seafood.) Jim, Bonnie, Molly and I hung out in the cottage. As I am wont to do on a weekend, I started the process of prepping for various meals. I chopped a multitude of veggies and stored them, cooked two types of pasta for pasta salad, shucked some fresh farmstand corn, and made a lovely peach - creme fraiche pie (courtesy of a http://www.smittenkitchen.com/ recipe!)

Prep work done, it was time to relax. I was vastly entertained to find an episode of TOS (Star Trek, The Original Series) on television, complete with "Shat" as Captain Kirk. Be still my heart! [I had a short-lived crush on "Shat" as a school girl - then turned my attentions to Spock and Scotty over time. . . .]

The beach bums returned with the goods, which included local Narragansett ale, some incredibly fresh scallops and fresh cod. A short while later, our feast was ready for consumption. There's nothing like fresh seafood!

Before Jim, Bonnie and I left for points north, we took a brief walk out to say goodbye to the river and the pretty rock roses on the bank.

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