Monday, August 3, 2009

The Dog(gie) Days of Summer

On weekends, our canine entertainment trail frequently leads to the nearby Harvard Divinity School, and the not so nearby, recently constructed Neville Manor park (which features a huge butterfly meadow and community gardens.) The weather this weekend, although gloomy, hot and humid, allowed for several weekend perambulations off and on.

Bonnie decided that the best way to cool down in the August heat was to lie in a large puddle left by the torrential rainstorms that interspersed our outings.
We discovered that the flowers of spring and early summer had given way to the flowers, berries and squash of late summer, heralding the harvest soon to come our way via the Farm School CSA (we're already getting squash and blueberries galore!) The echinecea (pink and orange flowers below) are over 6 feet tall!

Some of the flowers had visitors.

Bonnie gave the seal of approval on our last walk of the weekend with a big doggie grin. Little did she know it was back to work for the humans! :( At least work is air conditioned.

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