Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Big Two Four

My "baby", Jaime, recently turned 24 on the Fourth of July. To celebrate, we first held a family barbecue in the backyard July 3rd which featured Jaime's favorite potato salad (roasted red, white and blue baby potatoes, roasted red pepper, and kalamata olives) and my attempt at a flag cake (well, it tasted good!)

Next, on July 4th, six of us went to jail. Well, really we went to Clink, which is a restaurant in the new Liberty Hotel built in the old Charles Street jail. Jared and Louise indulged in some oysters while Jim hammed it up for the camera in his nifty #!/usr/bin/perl shirt!

The venue was conveniently placed for watching fireworks later that night (the gs went home to hang with Bonnie!)

Happy birthday to my little firecracker! (even if she did make me miss the fireworks the day she was born)

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