Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Murderbones III

Tuesday was a busy day. I picked up my lovely dose of organic produce from the CSA cooler at Iggy's, which included warm raspberries fresh from the bush, during a short intermission from work - then we scampered to the vet before closing to pick up another prescription for antibiotics for Bonnie (her file just gets bigger and bigger. Her allergies are in full swing, and her crystal buildup has led to yet another UTI.)

Then, while Jim held down the fort (and dosed Bonnie) I rushed off to Redbones and the mystery writers night ( This is such a great deal - free appetizers, talk to mystery writers, get autographed copies, etc. This session featured Hank Phillippi Ryan, a local television reporter turned author, and Allison Brennan, from California (turns out she has relatives that live in Saratoga, CA!) They were both great, and spoke as a team. It was incredibly informative and entertaining. I'm the happy owner of 3 autographed mysteries yet to be delved into. (I promise I'll pass them along!)

Then I delivered one grilled salmon dinner to Jaime and picked up the table (she's slowly moving out of her apartment, ready for grad school at Columbia in the fall), and then delivered the table and more dinners to the inmates at 6 and 8 Lamont. We're very full of brisket and grilled salmon (we just finished off the leftovers tonight!)

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