Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Prodigal Bird

Last Tuesday evening, "Larry Bird" the cat, aged 16, escaped the house and did not return when called. We feared the worst after his venerable black cat forebears (Spike and Mr. Peabody) both wandered away at similar ages, presumably to find a quiet place to hide and pass away. The days wore on and I called animal control and made missing cat posters offering a reward, to no avail. His buddy Bailey Holstein (aka "Cow") mourned the loss of his friend and cuddling companion, and we were sad to think it was the end.

Sunday night we returned from a day in Rhode Island, still with no sign or word of his fate.

When Jim went out to walk Bonnie later that night, Bonnie indicated that there was someone under the truck parked in front - and sure enough, Mr. Bird came back (but not the very next day!)

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