Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cornichons, Caper Berries, and Caper Buds, OH MY!

Along with my great desire for all things olive [drool], I am similarly enamored of capers, their big brothers caper berries, and cornichons. (Jaime seems to share my cornichon fetish!) I recently found a recipe (Slaw Tartare) on SmittenKitchen's blog ( which uses BOTH capers and cornichons. Be still my heart! Savenor's is now benefitting from the Maille cornichon addiction - yum.

When I recently met my friend Janine, visiting from the west coast, I had to inquire as to the health of her Caper Bush (husband and cat came second and third!) She assured me it is flourishing. I'm green with envy! Caper bushes produce lovely flowers with buds (capers) and the fruit (caper berries.) Alas, they do not like the chilly northeast.

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