Friday, July 17, 2009

Double Team

Today, Bonnie figured out Jim's somewhat lame attempt to disguise the Cipro-giving in some leftover Redbones brisket. (It should be noted that it took her 2 days!) Back to the double team strategy, where I pry open the jaws and Jim deposits the horse pill. Today it occurred to me that very few people would dare pry open the jaws of a 100 lb pit bull x! Poor Bonnie. She is very, very good about the pill-taking, the allergy shots, and the administration of "soothing salve" to ease her itching paws. I can't wait until her UTI is done with, and allergy season is over (so I can go back to injections every 3 weeks instead of every 10 days, and the glopping of paws can end. . . .)

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