Monday, July 13, 2009

The Adventures of Wagababy

Miguel, Aurelia and Sylvia have been exploring the east coast, visiting friends and family from Asheville to Northampton to Cape Cod and everywhere in between! We were lucky enough to be able to spend a day with the "Oregonians", and even luckier that that particular day was the beginning of some beautiful weather (after weeks of rain and misery!)

The first stop was the New England Aquarium, where Sylvia was entranced by a shiny police motorcycle and indulged her passion for swinging in the ocean breeze.

Inside, the penguins cavorted, and Sylvia got up close and personal with some aquatic critters. She was particularly interested in a strange fish with a beard - must have reminded her of gPops!

After a brief nap, during which parental and grandparental units transported Sylvia to Fanieul Hall and began a meal at Wagamama, Sylvia indulged in some chicken and noodles. Well, Dad helped, too!

Funny how these two have the exact same position!

After lunch, a quest to find swings began. We found a playground along the waterfront, but alas, no swings. Sylvia found a new addiction, though, the slide! We see full service playgrounds in Sylvia's future.

On our way back to the car to wend our way westward, we encountered a gentleman playing jazz saxophone. Sylvia was delighted and danced on dad's shoulders, signing more, more!

Although the moon was nowhere to be seen, we basked in the light at Full Moon Restaurant (a child-friendly restaurant in West Cambridge) for dinner. Sylvia enjoyed the menu, the play area, and giving herself a pasta shampoo! Louise and Aurelia enjoyed crab tacos.

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