Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Our friendly VET, Doctor Murphy, has been doing a lot of ADMINISTERING lately to the inmates of Lamont Avenue. Poor Bird had 9 teeth pulled (he was just not very good about flossing for some reason) at great expense and presumably pain as well. The good news is that he was really slowing down and becoming kind of bedraggled, and now, his mouth is pain-free and he is showing some kittenish spunk again at age 15. Bonnie is not faring so well. We emerged from one bout with severe allergies that required steroids, antibiotics, and constant monitoring to keep her from eating her feet, only to end up with a mysterious ailment appearing with some nerve damage to her face. Last time I picked up her "Uroeeze" which keeps her from forming painful crystals in her urine, the vet techs (who now know my voice on the phone and Bonnie by reputation) told me that Bonnie had the second largest file at the clinic in history. We're working on making it the largest file (and since the other dog died we have a good chance.) Bonnie is due for exploratory surgery tomorrow.

As the vet said, "it's really sad she can't catch a break." It's particularly poignant following my mother's death. It's hard accepting that there are things that happen to people you love that you can't fix.

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