Thursday, August 28, 2008

Five lesser known things about my mom

Sometimes it isn't the big things that are what you remember - sometimes it is the seemingly inconsequential little things. The little neurons fire off at the strangest memory triggers...

1. Mom loved marzipan, something she passed on to all three of her children. Christmas just isn't Christmas without beheading a cute little Marzipan animal or scarfing a selection of Marzipan fruit! A certain offspring, we're not naming names, was severely castigated for eating part of Mom's marzipan pig one Christmas....

2. Mom loved to sing (no, she didn't pass this along! Although we all sang in church choirs at one point or another others probably wished we didn't....) I can remember her singing to us at bedtime when Alex and I were little. My favorite was "Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, lavender's green. When I am King, dilly dilly, you shall be Queen."

3. Mom loved to garden, something else anyone who knows the infamous Hadden black thumb brigade will tell you she didn't pass along either. At one point Dad gave her a greenhouse, which I loved the smell of. We always had flower beds when I was growing up (I was allowed to grow radishes and my favorite snapdragons which strangely I did not instantly kill.) I can remember the Johnny Jump Ups, the pansies, the petunias, and many, many geraniums. I remember making rose geranium jelly which I still have a yen for. (I also remember the pressure cooker exploding while making apple sauce!) Mom really loved forsythia bushes, daffodils, and tulips as well. And dogwood trees.

4. Mom was the ultimate drama queen. She's probably turning in her urn right now as that was one of her primary criticisms of my wacky great aunt Lucy (her aunt) who was on Broadway and parachuted over Guam with the USO. Nonetheless, it's true. Her flamboyant side had to come out somehow! Thankfully, she was never quite as eccentric as Aunt Lucy who was known to yell at the waiters in a deli for not warming the plates (I remember quite vividly one waiter taking her plate back, grabbing one out of the dishwasher, and returning with a wink....) Mom passed the emoting skills along in various forms to all of us (Sandy faces, "Hunger, thirst, famine" and the like!)

5. Mom liked seagulls, pigeons of the sea. Ick. She specifically liked "Jonathan Livingston Seagull." This, along where her penchant for Helen Reddy, embarrassed and horrified us all. Still, her Mom, who was probably equally horrified, made Mom a needlepoint table of JLS. She also liked "elevator" music. Double ick. There's just no accounting for taste!

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