Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things are heating up at Lamont Avenue

We are finally splitting the heating systems, installing a gas furnace for the first floor unit instead of sharing the big old oil burning furnace. Work began Monday, which meant I spent a weekend getting up close and personal with lots of moldy stuff in the basement (boo hoo!) This required a number of incentives. I set as a goal for the weekend 16 giant leaf and lawn bags of garbage. After every 4 bags, I rewarded myself. If nothing else, I needed a break from breathing in that nasty stuff. So, the first reward was the oh-so-desired olive flatbread pizza from Iggy's (oh yum!!!) They only make it on Saturdays, and during lunchtime, so it's pretty rare that I actually score some of the good stuff. The next reward was a glass of Knob Creek, and so on. I achieved my goal, and then some, getting rid of lots of moldy plastic rubbermaid containers, etc.

There were treasures mixed among the trash. One of my finds: Ciel's ultrasound picture!

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