Friday, August 22, 2008

Locke-Ober, Locke-Ober, send Lobster right over

Our last visit for this season's Restaurant Week was the venerable Locke-Ober for luncheon. Having received the reminder call from the hostess the day before which included the dress code, there was a minor crisis - was farmer Louise and her overalls up to the challenge? Well, yes, but the dressing up was of very short duration and involved stuffing my surgically repaired foot into a pair of Cici's shoes (which very luckily were a size or two too big!) We (I) shuffled over to Winter Place (off of Winter Street, which turns into Summer Street - you have to love Boston geography!) trying not to leave the shoes behind. It must be noted that le TomTom got a tad confused in the little alleys surrounding Locke-Ober and led us into a dead end - but ever intrepid in search of a good meal, we forged on.

Walking into Locke-Ober was like entering a worm hole or time warp. One is transported into an era gone by. Once Jaime had joined us from her office a few blocks away, we were ushered into a cave-like chamber deep within featuring dark red walls and mahogany fittings.

Although the special Restaurant Week menu did not include Locke-Ober's famous Lobster bisque, I managed to get some lobster in by ordering an entree which included lobster and corn fritters. The food was really excellent and despite the very staid surroundings somewhat creative in scope and presentation. It was not (still) a restaurant for the vegetarians and vegans among us!

Dessert featured molten chocolate cake with perfect raspberries (Jaime refused to share these!) and perfect strawberries with lemon sorbet. Delicious!
Cici and I were vastly entertained by the ladies' restroom, which took womb-like to a new level! While the anachronistic fainting couch and vanities remain (with suitably muted lighting for the years-challenged among us) there was a sop to modernity - paper towels (while good quality) instead of cloth to dry one's hands!

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hey louise,
i love your blog. check out mine with a visit to burger king on the way back from the cape.