Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Restaurant Week Adventures - Part 1

The "girls" have a full slate of Restaurant Week activities planned. Well, it's actually Restaurant WEEKS, in which numerous area restaurants offer a low prix fixe lunch and/or dinner to attempt to increase "eatership." This week, we traveled over the river and through the square (Kenmore) to Petit Robert Bistro. As it turned out, the regular menu was less expensive than the hyped "Restaurant Week" menu, so we went wild. When at a French bistro, eat (and drink) as the French I always say.... and so we did. I indulged in my garlicky friends l'escargots, which Jaime bravely tried (not Cici though, who made rude comments about slugs in shells!) Leek and Potato soup, Coq au Vin, Boeuf Bourgoine, and more completed our meal, accompanied by a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir from (where else?) Burgundy.

Next week, we have Icarus (South End) for dinner on Monday, and the famous and venerable Locke-Ober for lunch on Thursday. Tuesday night, we head to Underbones (beneath Redbones) for a local mystery writer reading and signing (free appetizers!) sponsored by Redbones and Kate's Mystery Books and then a birthday dinner en famille. I'm excited because the writer is Linda Barnes, whose funky PI heroine is Carlotta Carlyle of Cambridge. The last 'bones mystery night author was Gary Braver and his new novel Skin Deep. Afterwards, we'll start moving some of Jaime's stuff into her new house in Davis Square!

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