Monday, December 29, 2008

A Moveable Holiday

For the first time in nearly two decades (or more), the feast of Yule was celebrated far away from 02138 in the wilds of northern Maine.
The cats had a holiday from Bonnie, as she accompanied us on our journey.

We packed the minivan like Santa's sleigh and went on our merry way over the snow-covered mountains. Our first stop was in Concord, NH, to pick up Jaime on her way down from a ski trip with her high school buddies. While making the transfer of yet more "stuff" into the sleigh, I caught sight of a very impressive lamppost.

Bonnie took advantage of the idle time to make some doggie snow angels.

Foolishly following the advice of Queen Tom-Tom, who told us that the fastest way to Bethel, ME was THROUGH the White Mountains (which MIGHT have been true in more clement weather), we drove ever further northward. The icy rain turned to snow reducing traffic to a crawl but also providing incredibly beautiful mountain scenery.
Alas, not only did Queen Tom-Tom steer us wrong route-wise, she was also unable to locate our destination (can you hear Jim-Jim saying "I told you so?") Jaime saved the day by calling the owners, and after 6 hours we finally arrived at our beautiful home away from home, shortly followed by Cici, Jared and Molly.

The before and after of building the fire:

The before and after of the hot-tub:

And then, the stockings were hung on the window with care. . . .

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