Monday, December 29, 2008

I love our new sink!!!

A few weeks ago, I was suffering serious withdrawal. Our fancy, expensive faucet had been slowly deteriorating and finally reached the point of no water emerging at all. When we were originally fixing up the kitchen I had wanted a black double bowl granite sink; when we got it home Cici took one look and said "that won't fit!" She was right. Sniff.

Well, since the faucet was no longer working and we needed to replace it, it seemed like an opportune time to find a black granite (single bowl) sink that WOULD fit. After dragging a patient Jim through several big box home improvement stores, we found one that wouldn't break the bank.
And, a faucet which coordinated nicely. Be still my heart. I'm even enjoying doing dishes!

The perfect spot to park Devil Ducky and friends!

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