Monday, December 29, 2008

A Down East Christmas

After the stormy Christmas eve, Christmas day dawned bright and beautiful.
Santa had visited, filling the stockings, the dogs approved of the seating arrangements, and preparations were made for a hearty breakfast, including the wonderful Trader Joe's Pain au Chocolat.

Alas, my stocking (given to me by my grandmother some five or so decades ago) finally bit the dust. Here is a memorial photograph.

Pain au Chocolat Before and After
Lindsey and Donna joined us after breakfast for some fun and games. Donna let Jimpy and me help her assemble her viking lego ship from Santa.
Jaime's (and Dave's) gift included several puzzles with a felt roll to preserve puzzles in progress - a big hit.
Preparations were made for a festive dinner including beer butt chicken!
The sun went down on a successful Christmas, with stars shining above and the birch trees ghostly white off the porch.

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