Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jack Frost has come to town

On one of our weekend walks, we hiked over the hills of Danehy Park with our ever-adventurous canine. BRRRRRRR!
We braved the cold another time to head to Harvard Square - to buy Jim a pair of shoes with treads so that the ever-adventurous (and strong) canine wouldn't pull him off his feet, and to buy the much desired marzipan pigs at Cardullo's. Now that Out of Town News has gone the way of all flesh, it seems like Cardullo's is one of the few "original" landmarks remaining in the Square. I noticed that Crate and Barrel, which had long resided in the old Design Research space (how that must date me!), is also leaving the Square for Burlington.... I'm still mourning the loss of the Bookcase on Church Street, which I spent many an hour (and dollar in) as a pre-teen.
To console myself (not to mention warm myself!), I had a hot chocolate at Burdick's. Mmmmm. Not all change is bad.

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