Monday, August 17, 2009

Restaurant Week Summer 2009

This year, we set our sights on Gaslight, a French bistro in the South End. We travelled across Boston to Harrison Ave, a recently gentrified area of the South End near the Theater district. Gaslight has abundant, FREE parking - in the South End that is like rubies! While real French bistros in France don't really resemble Gaslight (they are more like caves!) the decor was quite evocative of France in an earlier era. The food was very authentic, and a very nice touch was a loaf of hot french bread in a paper sleeve delivered to the table (sorry, no photo, consumed before the camera made it out of its neoprene nest!)

Ciel and Jaime ordered from the Restaurant Week menu, and I splurged for (what else?) l'escargots. Aside from my little arthropod friends, we feasted on heirloom tomato salad, striped bass (always a good local bet) and the ubiquitous French roast chicken - then dessert!

At one point in the feasting, someone at a neighboring table ordered some VERY stinky cheese. Jaime amused us all with her "oh dear god what died at the next table" face.

And for dessert, Jaime ordered a delicious chocolate mousse with perhaps one of the worst presentations in the history of the world. Any pet owner or parent will know exactly what we mean!

It did taste good, and the other desserts LOOKED good as well! We'll be heading back to Gaslight soon.

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