Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where is Human (Hadden) Nature so weak as in the bookstore?

We Haddens are renowned for our fabulous flexibility. We are also renowned for a great weakness for bookstores, and of course, books. This makes giving us (and each other) gifts very easy. I have to confess that if they made a perfume that smelled like a library I'd probably roll in it. There simply isn't anything to compare to the aroma of old paper, cloth and leather.

Thankfully, our long-suffering spouses tolerate our idiosyncracies and the incredible accumulation and constant consumption of books! Jim even enabled me by building me floor to ceiling bookcases in one room (along with a prized standalone bookcase.) I can stop anytime, really I can. Well, maybe not. Everyone knows not to come between me and my books!

Sunday, Dad, Alex and I made our way to a favorite haunt, Joseph Beth Booksellers in Hyde Park. Not only does Joseph Beth have a fabulous array of books (be still my heart), they also have a lovely cafe called Bronte. We had a delicious brunch (I had savory French toast stuffed with goat cheese and herbs with a balsamic reduction pictured below), and then indulged our one of our other appetites. Jaime gave me the Inkheart Trilogy for Christmas, and I couldn't resist getting the first two books for Dad. I hope Barbara forgives me!

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-M said...

Somebody does make a book-based perfume. It's called "In the Library" and you can find it at www.cbihateperfume.com/in-the-library.html. I've not smelled it, myself, but I'm seriously considering buying some for my fiance.