Monday, February 9, 2009

Long is the Winter of our Discontent

Mother Nature offered an Amuse-Bouche this past weekend that sent temperatures soaring to 40, perhaps even 50 degrees. Alas, I was not feeling up to taking advantage of it having contracted Jim's worst ever cold. Our resident canine, however, felt no such restrictions. One trip out was to our familiar haunt, Harvard Divinity School, where Bonnie tried out for the SNOW volleyball team and we discovered that one of the rhinos (Sarah) was due for a pedicure.

The day was windy, with scudding clouds alternating with flashes of sunlight, making for some interesting patterns.

Sunday, we ventured out to Danehy Park, where a river (of melting snow) ran through it. Bonnie was game for sloshing and wading through the cold water - to a point. Jimpy of Borg and I were amazed by the streams running down the sidewalks!

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