Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiche Happens

The weekend was bitterly cold, and part of it was spent waiting for the CABLE GUY. More on that later. The urge to cook came over me and I succumbed. Also, there was the fact that I was in the house and reminded of all the produce that needed to be used or be fed to our little compost pails. So, I made homemade french five-onion soup with freshly grated gruyere, then proceeded to try out a cake recipe from SmittenKitchen which entailed boiling clementines whole. It was (as you might expect) a tad bitter from the rinds, but fairly tasty nonetheless. If I make it again, I'll peel the clemmies (except for maybe one) beforehand.

and then... quiche happened. Jim is NOT fond of quiche. However, it's a great way to get rid of eggs, bits of cheese, and leftover veggies and such. Luckily, OTHER people like quiche! My culinary efforts are not wasted. This weekend's line-up included feta/spinach with tomato pin-wheels, and gorgonzola/artichoke heart.

So, the cable guy. We arrived home on Thursday to find our cable and internet were out. We called Comcast (using a cell phone since our internet phone was *naturally* out) and they told us the cable guy would be there in the morning. Of course, we had work, and couldn't be there. It turned out that the entire neighborhood was out. We returned home on Friday and found that everyone else's cable was back, but ours was not. Back to the cell phone. By this time, we were suffering severe deprivation, and had already watched both Netflix we had at home, then went on to Prince Caspian on DVD.... Comcast agreed to send someone out Saturday 3-5. When the cable guy arrived he appeared bewildered that we didn't have an amplifier - apparently they thought we had taken out 300 nodes with interference from our set-up. We believe it was a case of mistaken identity! Anyway, all's well that end's well - we have some nice new connectors and a box that is not hanging off our house anymore. The irony is, after freaking out without any television, internet or phone, there really was nothing to watch on Saturday!

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