Friday, January 23, 2009

The Cake Lady - Welcome at the Office

A few years ago I heard a story on NPR (lying in bed listening, supposed to be getting up in the morning!) I think it acted as a subliminal suggestion!

As with the NPR cake lady, my husband is not a cake person. He's also not a chocolate person, candy person, and mostly not a cookie person. In the case of chocolate, fine, more for me! I'm not a cake person either in the sense of EATING cakes. But, I've found I really enjoy baking cakes, and without children in the house, the only appreciative audience is the dog. And Wednesday Bake Club only comes once a week, and really, I only get to bake for that once every quarter or so.

Lately, I've been cruising the great web sites and, and baking.... Even the dog's vet clinic has been a recipient of the crazy cake lady's largesse, but mostly, my co-workers. So far, Epicurious' Aunt Holly's Banana Bread takes top honors, but SmittenKitchen's Chocolate Stout Cake and my own Chocolate Creme de Menthe Cake aren't far behind.

My favorite tools in this madness - an old aluminum tube pan that was my grandmother's, larger than a bundt pan; a large round melamine serving plate from Anthropologie; and a very handy cake carrier. I LOVE my cake carrier.

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