Thursday, October 23, 2008

Murderbones, or Oh Dem 'Bones II

Tuesday was Mystery night at Underbones (sadly I missed September's offering because I was in Pittsburgh....) This time there were two sets of authors, and one set was a mother and son team writing a Red Sox mystery called "Dirty Water." I bought both books, had them signed, chatted with the authors, and scarfed some free "Killer Apps." The ribs were mighty fine. I'd cleverly handed a take-out order to the hostess as I went in, and it was ready by the time the authors had talked about their books and Jaime had joined me (her house is a few blocks away from Redbones, lucky girl!) Mmmm, brisket and collard greens - and Redbones' killer sauces.

Afterwards, I peeled dem apples for seemingly hours - it was my turn to cook for Wednesday bake club. 2 apple pies and an apple crisp later, I called it a night - sadly to tired to start "Dirty Water!"

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