Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Choice 2008

Ordinarily I don't think of myself as very politically oriented, which is kind of amusing given my sweetie's political leanings. It's true that I enjoyed many heated debates with my Libertarian roommate in college, but those days are long gone. This year, though, I've found my political inner self and I've donated actual money to Hillary's, then Obama's, campaigns. Last week I found myself attending a "Meet the Producer" event at WGBH (our local public television station which we contribute to) for the PBS series Frontline. Jim and I had the occasion to enjoy some light dessert (with cookies painted with the GBH logo) and met the producer of "The Choice 2008", Jim Kirk.

We were shown some portions of the show, and invited to ask the producer questions. The same producer also was responsible for Bush's War and Cheney's Law, by the way. At the time I was struck with his generosity and consideration of both candidates (at the same time, he pretty much said that "W" was a president of very little brain, if I may paraphrase A.A. Milne....) We went home and watched the last debate, and it really helped me see the debate in a more impartial way. When we watched the full broadcast of the Choice 2008 later, the equality with which McCain and Obama were treated with was apparent. And, despite my disgust at the verbal zings zapping back and forth, you could also see that both candidates really, truly, are devoted to their country. I found this liberating, in a way, because it just took personalities out of the equation. I could just look at the issues and see how my own viewpoint aligned with the candidates' stands - and although neither candidate would be my best friend in another life I could peacefully choose the one with views closest to mine.

The next day I actually went and "phone banked" for Obama. That's pretty epic considering how much I hate talking on the phone - always have, always will. I confess to being relieved that out of sixty calls in three hours, I left 46 messages and only talked to an actual person 14 times!

Ummm, this all does not hold with the VICE presidential candidates. I find the thought of the Palindrone being a heartbeat away truly frightening. It's like having a Stepford wife in the White House. Even if I hated Obama I'd vote for him, because the alternative is madness.

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