Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Culinary adventures en Francais

This weekend I finally tried out a Blue Cheese Gougeres recipe I'd been looking at for a while. Although the outcome was tasty, it paled against the "puffing" process in terms of entertainment value! I kept running in and checking them in the oven, which Jimpy found very entertaining for some reason. I'll definitely try these again, this time maybe just an egg white wash as opposed to beaten egg wash.

To accompany said gougeres, I made some homemade gazpacho a la Jacques Pepin. I learned some interesting techniques watching the show featuring gazpacho, including PEELING your green peppers, and spooning out your cucumber seeds. It had never occurred to me, but basically, the skin of the pepper is not so useful (Jacques used a more colorful term!) The process was a little labor-intensive, including straining the gazpacho before decorating with little pieces of vegetable, but well worth the effort.

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