Friday, April 10, 2009

Back to School

This past week I took a few hours off to take a class ("Cooking with Friends") through Jaime's organization, Elderhostel. The class was held in Boston's South End at Sage Restaurant, not too far from where Cici spent her first months of life.

Although I would have been happy to see the scheduled presenter Dante, I was more than delighted with the substitute, the chef at Olives! It seems that Boston's culinary scene is a little incestuous, with chefs moving to and from various restaurants, going off on their own, etc. So, the substitute had actually cooked in the same restaurant with the chef of Sage.

The cooking demonstration was both instructive and delicious, and it was very interesting hearing from Alison Arnett, a long-time restaurant critic in the Boston area. I've already made the soup, and have plans to try making gnocchi, those delicious little potato pillows, and the dessert.

Walking to go to work, I discovered evidence (although it was chilly and damp) that spring has indeed arrived.

The next day I heard that Jaime got into her graduate school program at Columbia! Yeah, Jaime!

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