Monday, November 3, 2008


All Hallows day dawned clear and chilly. The inmates of 8 Lamont Ave ventured out (after nary a single trick or treater appeared, enticed by jack o'lanterns, the night before. More chocolate for the treaters, I say....) The trees, still showing some autumn finery, were much admired. The chill, and a few bare trees, reminded us that winter is coming!

As we are wont to do on weekend rambles, we visited Divinity Ave, home of the rhinos. We were (okay, maybe I was) entranced to find that our horned friends had been adorned with halloween costumes of their own - "Sororitans Ditzae" and "Fratdaddaeus Inebriae". How's your Latin???

I particularly liked the lipstick.

Full disclosure: I happen to know for a fact that both of these rhinos are female!!! Still, an entertaining spectacle.
Bonnie was less impressed, preferring to drag Jim around in her "perimeter checks." We think she must have had some herding in her background - she definitely herds cats, and occasionally tries to herd us to the treat jar....

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