Monday, November 24, 2008

Murderbones III and Buying Back Virginia

This past week saw me attending my third Murderbones on Monday, scarfing up some delicious "killer" apps. One of the featured authors was highly entertaining - his murder mystery was set in England in World War II and when asked why he wrote about this particular era, went into a fairly scathing diatribe about our current president, "who can't even pronounce 'Iraq'...." I had him sign his endnotes to that effect.

Why they call it "Underbones. . . ."

Tuesday, Jim and I attended a party at the Middle East featuring Jeanne Lafferty and Emily Scudder (Jeanne had illustrated Emily's book of poetry with some great crustaceans.)
Aside from some excellent Middle Eastern food and great company, Jeanne was selling some of her art. (See her great art website, We were happy to snap up a wonderful portrait of the beloved Virginia (of the 100 crimes), Jim's first canine love. Sleeping Virginia is displayed proudly on our mantel.

This weekend saw us (aside from shivering) trying to deal with our broken sink faucet (you haven't LIVED until you've washed dishes in the bathtub including baked on homemade macaroni and cheese!). Coincidentally our faucet woes occurred while Ciel and Jared are in the middle of renovations and ALSO have no kitchen faucet. I never realized how utterly dependent I am on the beloved kitchen faucet. Now, we have a new faucet and a new sink to go with it - and someday, our plumber will come!

Jim and Jared also managed to haul up the two ton washer/dryer combo that got delivered Thursday - to our backyard!

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