Thursday, September 4, 2008

Becoming Real - At last, at last

One of my mom's favorite children's books was The Velveteen Rabbit. The message of resurrection and redemption transcends the story, and elevates a nursery favorite to the level of the Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. We'll bury Mom on Saturday morning, next to her mother, with bagpipes playing Amazing Grace. . . and she, like the Velveteen Rabbit, will be real to everyone.

* * *

"I am the nursery magic Fairy," she said. "I take care of all the playthings that the children have loved. When they are old and worn out and the children don't need them any more, then I come and take them away with me and turn them into Real."

"Wasn't I Real before?" asked the little Rabbit.

"You were Real to the Boy," the Fairy said, "because he loved you. Now you shall be Real to every one."

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