Monday, July 14, 2008

What's worse than a trip to the dentist? A trip to the VETERINARY dentist!

Thursday Bonnie went to the vet for her Lyme disease vaccination, all 100 lbs of her quivering and quaking, another measure of support to our kindly Dr. Murphy. Of course, she's already been to the doggy dentist so her fears were well-founded.

That was the EASY trip. Saturday, we scheduled our three geriatric cats, missing assorted limbs, teeth (but not claws!) etc. for their checkups and various vaccines. We planned carefully, closing doors and trapping the felines. Or so we thought.

Despite SEEING Cow in the kitchen as we tag-teamed Bird and Gimpy into their crates, he somehow vanished in a room with closed doors. We spent a half-hour looking in 120 square feet with no luck - how did a cat with three legs completely vanish? Off we went to Dr. Murphy, with a feline duet of wails from the other two serenading us all the while. Copious "fear shedding" was enjoyed (not) by all, and poor Bird, at age 15, is suffering from gingivitis and broken teeth. So, Cow (we hope) will be vaccinated today, while Bird goes to the dentist Thursday. He does NOT approve.

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