Thursday, July 10, 2008

Belly Bombers Bursting in Air

While in Wellfleet, when not surfing, basking in the sun with friends, obsessing over puzzles and playing Scrabble, we enjoyed the fruits of the sea, and the garden. One night we had fresh carrots and peas, a roasted beet and goat cheese salad, and fresh local cod.

For Jaime's birthday, a small group went out to the "Wicked Oyster", a nice restaurant in Wellfleet. Birthday cake was enjoyed by all, and then the younger set went out to the fireworks (Louise stayed home with the dogs, who barked everytime a firework went off!)

For a post-birthday celebration, a large group went fishing in Wellfleet Bay. We were less than successful, snaring only crabs (Louise and Lindsey) and a tiny black bass (Dave) that was returned to the wild.
We caught some organic salmon and tuna at the seafood shack on the wharf to console ourselves. Collie made some seared tuna with avocado and wasabi, Jaime and Dave made planked salmon, and Luke made grilled steak. Two types of salad accompanied.

The time went too quickly and soon the boat pointed homeward and we were off to Boston, Plymouth, New York and Amherst to resume our day jobs.

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