Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family Toast

In preparation for Alex and Michael's too short visit to Cambridge last week, Jim and I did some quality control at the Friendly Toast, a new and funky "diner" in Kendall Square. Alex & I had previously eaten at the Mother Ship Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH, but we needed to know that this version was acceptable. The long wait for a table on Sunday morning allowed a little time for enjoying the beautiful sunny day and interesting architectural details in the complex.

The decor is eclectic to say the least. Jim was lucky enough to be situated right under a couple of (human female) torsos hanging on the wall. It was like something out of an Old Navy commercial (only these ladies weren't talking!) Jim had green eggs and ham, while I had a vegetarian option which was quite good. The friendly toast (thick slabs of homemade bread) was really the best part though!

We assured ourselves that it was suitable to bring Alex and Michael to prior to their long drive up to Alex's good friend Diane's daughter's (the other Ciel) wedding in Belfast, Maine - but first, the night before, we fortified ourselves with a nice "slow food" dinner at Craigie on Main! Alas, Jim could not attend the second trip to Friendly Toast due to a meeting at work, but I sent Alex and Michael off to the wilds of Maine (and myself to the wilds of Cambridge) with full tummies.

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