Saturday, March 7, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Countdown Clock

Seen at the Thirsty Scholar last weekend! Check out the official Countdown to St. Patrick's Day clock on the upper right in the movie below.

I've also gotten solicitations from Guinness(tm) to make St. Patty's an official holiday. Last year, I answered the call and was invited to send pictures of myself/friends enjoying Guinness. My photo of red ruffed lemurs in the Dublin Zoo (real!) with little pints of Guinness (photoshopped) were rejected!!! [The timing of the request for photos was around the infamous Dilbert strips regarding bosses as drunken lemurs - well worth a Google!]
So sad. I did, however, truly enjoy Dublin, the Dublin Zoo, and the Guinness plant tour in 2007. . . .

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