Friday, May 30, 2008

Le Tom Tom: The Agony and the Ecstasy of GPS Systems

Those who live with the famously flexible Haddens find out, in due course, that we are all (shall we say) directionally challenged. In past years, our only recourse in unfamiliar territory (short of desperately calling another of our number with access to MAPQUEST or wandering aimlessly 'neath the streets of Boston) was to rent a car with a GPS system (Neverlost.) Then came the advent of "personal" GPS systems. In gratitude for many Neverlost assisted car rentals, I (Louise) bought Alex a Tom Tom for her birthday, which was an immediate hit. Consumed with jealousy, I then asked for a Tom Tom for Christmas, which I happily received. However, the men in our lives seem to resist the charms of Tom Tom (resistance is futile, guys....) Jim Jim is convinced that Tom Tom tried to kill him by telling him to turn into oncoming traffic.

Knowing that we'd be out in the wilds of Burgundy this May, I ordered the Western Europe map set for my Tom Tom (now le Tom Tom) despite the poo-pooing of Jim Jim and others. Oh, and I downloaded a custom voice - Darth Vader. Just for fun. Le Tom Tom arrived in France before we did with the advance guard - and was immediately useful, PROVING that resistance is futile. Just to rub it in, we found every taxi in Paris also carries Le Tom Tom!